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Co-ordinator - CTO Office
Akbar Brothers - 1st Floor
Closing Date
  • Responsible for the development of group technology processes and improvements in operation and business project planning /execution. Monitoring, recording and reporting of KPIs for key processes.
  • Drive the Cost reduction exercises across the group technology to ensure effective operation.
  • Continuously monitor network OPEX. and highlight any key deviations to senior management.
  • OPEX budget preparation and management in Technology Portfolio.
  • Ensure group technology maintains Business continuity management (BCM) and ERM targets. Drive Cost Reduction (CRS) initiative across the group technology.
  • To be responsible to smoothly execute annual business plan via SAP (Enterprise Recourse Planning tool) with the management ownership of SAP Project systems (PS) as the CTM (Core team member).
  • Track and monitor KPIs for key strategic processes and conduct regular assessments to ensure the delivery of business results as set by the company.
  • Carryout process audits and to maintain up-to-date documents in Quality Management Systems.
  • Ensure effective BCP implementation across group technology.
  • Review Risk Register and ensure regular updates of the plan with changes in the group technology to track progress and achieve milestones.
  • Provide the regular compliance of the risks, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business continuity Planning (BCP) to the Enterprise Risk management (ERM) to ensure smooth operation for completion of projects.
  • Implement systems to continuously monitor divisional performance and key horizontal processes in Technology portfolio and highlight any key deviations to senior management.
Entry Requirements
  • Degree in Telecommunication / Finance /Physical Science / Statistics / Business Management from a recognized university
  • Finance related professional qualification (i.e. CIMA / CA) will be an added advantage
  • 1-2 years’ experience in a similar background (Fresh graduates with special achievements will also be considered).
  • Ideal candidate should have Computer literacy, communication skills, knowledge of telco industry, Knowledge of financial functions, and ERP systems.
Key Skills