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Specialist - Systems Administration
HO/ KIT Building - 5th Floor
Closing Date

Responsible for Implement and operate enterprise applications to meet company objective and goals. Continues monitoring for all windows based application to fulfil their resource requirements and carrying out comprehensive reviews of in-house build corporate applications to identify the weaknesses in entire process of building those applications including the designing, creating, testing and rolling out those applications in production environment.

The Job

  • Perform Windows administration tasks to maintain smooth system operations.
  • Providing Support for all tire two applications hosted in Data Center to maintain the continuous availability and enhance performance.
  • Responsible for planning and execution of performance improvement activities essential to maintain smooth operational environment.
  • Responsible for timely applying and managing new Service packs, Virus guards, Protection tools and other required third-party software to provide consistence service to the customers and maintain secure application environment.
  • Implementing and managing Operating System level security to secure the system accurately.
  • Responsible for 24 x 7 On Call support & Make applications available for 24 x 7 operations to provide consistence service to users.
  • Oversee all tire two applications and application middleware including Microsoft exchange server, Active directory, DNS server and Citrix environment.
  • System trouble shooting and provide Root Cause Analysis for any outage to cure the cause & apply corrective action.
  • Responsible for Effective communication with end users of the applications & business owners to maintain the positive relationship with end users.
  • Responsible for continues monitoring for all windows/Unix based application to fulfil their resource requirements.
  • Carryout capacity planning activities to identifying the growth and hardware requirements.
  • Communicate with system owners, Data centre demand to make sure these requirements are met.
  • Responsible for managing Annual Maintains Contract applications within the Data center & proper licensing of third-party application software to maintain license and regularity compliance.
  • Responsible for carrying out the application upgrade as and when required to ensure the effectiveness of the application usage.
  • Maintaining updated documentation, Application connectivity diagrams and related information for all the application liaised within the responsibility of this position to address the information requirements of Group IT.
  • Application process automation with Shell Scripting, PowerShell programs as when it is required to Orchestrate flow of the applications.
  • Need to work closely with Infrastructure support teams (the teams who handle Servers, Network, firewalls, Load-Balancers, Storages devices etc.) to identify the application related infrastructure gaps and recommend necessary improvements.
Entry Requirements

The Person

  • Bachelors' Degree in Information Technology or Computer Science from a recognized university.
  • 3 - 4 years of experience of handling similar scope in a critical and dynamic work environment.
  • Microsoft/Cloud based certifications are an added advantage.